We Do Recruitment. You Do You.

We do recruitment, the right way.

We Do Group is ripping up the recruitment playbook, helping you love recruitment again.

We’re the change-makers in finance and accounting recruitment helping businesses and individuals transform their recruitment journey with imaginative strategies and a genuinely personalised approach.

We’re about creating career-defining moments and driving success through people, helping you shape the business of tomorrow, today.

Our vision

We’re committed to leading a shift in recruitment practices, making integrity, innovation, and inclusivity not just buzzwords but the norm.

Our vision is to craft a future where the recruitment process is an opportunity for personal discovery, development, and mutual success.

We aim to lead the industry towards a horizon where each recruitment interaction is a stepping stone to building vibrant, dynamic, and successful businesses and careers. We’re creating a new reality where recruitment is seen as a collaborative, empowering experience where people grow and businesses thrive.

Our people

The people behind We Do

Our team are the perfect blend of professionalism and passion, combining their expertise and innovative thinking to fuel our journey from the start.

With a shared vision and a dedication that goes beyond the ordinary, they’ve laid the groundwork for our success.

Discover the unique blend of talents and commitment that makes us who we are.

george headshot

George Richings

George prides himself on his authentic approach to Finance & Accounting recruitment. With over 10 years experience, he works with solution-driven individuals passionate about forging meaningful connections, free from the typical sales pitch. George’s processes are controlled to pre-agreed deadlines, ensuring timeframes are always met.

Patrick McCubbin

Patrick is a rebellious, engaging and creative recruiter who loves supporting fun, humble, and talented human beings. His expertise sits in the Finance and HR space where his innovative, and people-centric approach sets him apart.

Patrick’s extensive network enables him to proactively create opportunities and connect the right people with the right businesses.

Alex Madigan

Having spent the last 10 years specialising in Finance and Accounting recruitment, spanning across both interim and permanent divisions, Alex has understood the importance of building open and long-term relationships with clients and candidates to deliver a service that offers an honest, detailed and pragmatic approach.

Dale Owen

Over 12 years in recruitment Dale has built a deep network in the finance & accounting space, stretching from finalist level to FD/CFO. Dale’s approach is collaborative and honest but unlike many recruiters he also brings a detailed technical understanding of finance & accounting built on experience working in the Big 4 and pursuing the ACA.

Anzar Sher

Anzar leads our research function, being the focal point on many of our searches he is the go-to man for candidates looking for a job. Due to his integrity and empathic nature, there’s no one better to service and manage our customers.

Shivani Uberoi

Shivani is the founder of The Wallflower Academy, with 10 years in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and a strong finance background. Specialising in gender, ethnic diversity, and working parents, she helps businesses tackle biases, empowering employees to realise their potential.


Let's rewrite the recruitment playbook together.

At We Do Group, we’re not just recruiters; we’re your career architects and business strategists, dedicated to sculpting the future of finance and accounting roles across the UK.

We cater to a wide spectrum of people, from aspiring entry-level graduates to the pinnacle of financial leadership in CFO roles, offering opportunities in full-time, permanent, and interim positions.

Why We Do...

The story behind 'We Do Group'? It's a blend of teamwork and ambition.

Reflects togetherness throughout the recruitment process, uniting individuals and businesses for collective success.

We know that success is created together, and it’s bringing people together that we do best.

Is our proactive, positive attitude,
a mix of results-driven focus and unyielding ambition.

We’re serious about delivering, but we do it in a way that makes the journey collaborative & enjoyable.