Reinventing Recruitment


The We Do Group Difference

At We Do Group we redefine recruitment, offering bespoke services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring every talent acquisition becomes a cornerstone for business success and growth.

The building blocks for success

The foundations of We Do

Leading Expertise and a Track Record in Finance and Accounting Recruitment
Long-term Client Relationship Development
Strategic Guidance in Building Effective Teams
Tailored Recruitment Solutions Aligned with Business Goals

What We Do in numbers

49% Female Placements in Leadership Roles
204 Placements in 12 months
97% Probation Passed
68% SME Placements
32% Blue Chip Placements
59% Female Placements
402 Table Tennis Matches
1864 Coffees Consumed
Who we're hiring

Our tailored process

Tailored Assessments

Discover the perfect fit! We assess compatibility between WDG and your unique needs, ensuring we’re the right partner for you. We don’t work with just anyone – we’re here to make sure it’s a match made in professional heaven.

Collaborative Planning

We’re not just listeners; we’re strategic partners. Together, we craft a comprehensive plan with clear timelines for CV presentation, interviews, and feedback. We don’t just meet deadlines; we beat them.

Talent Unearthed

We’re your talent scouts in the digital landscape. Our experts create a bespoke market map, pinpointing the finest talent just for you. We combine the power of networks, cutting-edge tech, AI, and traditional headhunting methods to present you with a stellar shortlist.

Continuous Feedback

Transparency is our hallmark. Expect detailed feedback after each stage of the process. We’re not afraid to deliver the good, the bad, and even the ugly, all with the aim of helping you make the best decisions.

Offering Guidance

Your success is our mission. We guide you through the offer stage, resignation, right-to-work checks, references, start date, and probation period. Consider us your navigators in the sea of hiring.

Ongoing Partnership

Our commitment doesn’t stop at placement. We’re with you for the long haul. With diarised feedback meetings for the first 6 months, we ensure that your partnership with us continues to thrive.

Championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At We Do Recruitment, we’re passionate about promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion (DE&I) throughout the recruitment process.

Our mission is to help our clients represent all facets of society and ensure that every candidate feels respected and treated fairly.

We firmly believe that embracing DE&I isn’t just a moral obligation but a driver of business success, fostering improved employee engagement and innovation. We provide unwavering support at every recruitment stage, from crafting inclusive job descriptions to addressing unconscious bias, affinity bias, conformity bias, maternal bias, and differentiating between positive discrimination and positive action.

We’re committed to offering equitable opportunities to all candidates, ensuring that everyone has a fair shot at success in their career pursuits.